About Boat Buyers Consulting

We are an advocate for boat buyers navigating the murky waters of the boat purchasing process. Let us help calm the torrent that can make the experience less than fun, and get you on the water with as few waves as possible.

Boat Buyers Consulting Services


 Captain Rob here, and if you’re here, you are in the market for a boat.  Let me be the first to say welcome aboard, and congratulations on taking your first step toward one of the most exciting and rewarding activities you and your family can be involved in!!

Helping You With the “Heavy-Lifting” of Buying a Boat

Whether this is going to be your first boat or your tenth, I’m here to help you each step of the way to get you on the water as hassle-free as possible. For most folks, a boat purchase is a once- or twice-in-a-lifetime event, and because of the limited amount of information available to boat buyers online, getting through the maze can be a daunting task.

If that’s you, then you’re in the right place. Through Boat Buyers Consulting Services, you’ll be able to leave the heavy lifting to us while you just sit back and enjoy the ride. I have been around boats and the boating industry, both professionally and privately, most of my adult life, starting when I joined the US Navy at 17 years old.

Leveraging Decades of Boating, Industry + Negotiation Experience

Since then, I’ve been at the helm of everything from 12-foot sailboats to aircraft carriers. I spent years in the marine industry where I learned a lot of the tricks of the trade, and now I offer that lifetime of experience to you, the clients of Boat Buyers Consulting Services. We are a one-stop shop for all things boating related and offer services ranging from a simple one-on-one consultation that helps our clients bear down on the boat that works best for them, their budget and their boating goals, to meeting with clients at their local dealership to help negotiate the best deal possible.

There are a lot of fine men and women working in the boating industry, but there are a few that are only in it to make as much money off you as they can with the least amount of effort.

Many people aren’t even sure what to ask!

That’s where we come in.

Asking the Hard Questions On Your Behalf

I’ll ask the hard questions on your behalf and make sure you get a square deal on your next boat purchase whether you’re buying from a dealership, private owner or otherwise. So, take a few minutes looking around the website to find the services you feel could be helpful, then fill out our simple worksheet to get started.

Rest assured, when you engage the services of Boat Buyers Consulting Services, you are hiring someone who will be by your side from start to finish and beyond. I receive no compensation from any dealership, manufacturer or other boating-related industry. You will get my completely unbiased opinion and honest answers to all of your boat buying questions.

So, call the Captain today at 321.626.3792, and let’s get you underway!!

Sign Initial Consultation

During Our Initial Consultation, I will work with you to help determine what boat is right for you and your family.

We’ll discuss:

  • Getting started
  • Your boating budget
  • Brand differences and similarities
  • Where you plan to boat
  • What type of boat you’re interested in; ie, ski, fish, surf, cruiser, pontoon, sailboat, etc.
  • Family size and how many people you expect to have, on average, aboard your new boat
  • Engine choices (Jet, Outboard, Inboard, Sterndrive, etc.)
  • Outdrive choices (Jet, Single Prop, Duo-Prop, etc.)
  • Discuss your tow vehicle needs
  • Research and develop scorecard for local dealerships

Follow up email that includes detailed notes of our initial consultation, as well as in-depth information about boat brands of interest.

Sign up for our Initial Consultation here

Total pkg price only 189.00

Dealership Meet and Greet

The Dealership Meet and Greet includes everything in the Initial Consultation


  • I’ll meet you at the dealership*
  • I will engage the staff on your behalf, asking the right questions
  • Negotiate pricing (Saving you far more than the price of this package)
  • Help to set-up test drive
  • Accompany you on test drive
  • If looking at preowned vessels, I will make suggestions on needed repairs or areas of concern
  • After-visit interview to discuss likes and dislikes, concerns and next steps

Total package price only 569.00


*If you are interested in visiting multiple dealerships, you pay only 110.00 per subsequent dealership visit.

Take-a-Look Service

Our Take-a-Look Service is designed for those unable to physically visit a vessel they are interested in purchasing, due to time or geographical constraints, but are needing an unbiased opinion of that vessel.

We will :

  • Visit the dealership for you
  • Accurately assess the condition of the vessel of interest
  • Send video or pictures taken by us at the time of our visit
  • Send pictures of the dealerships mechanical check sheet
  • Negotiate best price while at the dealership on your behalf
  • Schedule a test drive if all else goes well

Total package price 150.00 for local service (within 150-mile radius of Corpus Christi, Texas).

Package price outside our local area will be based on distance, mode of transportation needed (can we drive there or is a flight needed), and anticipated time investment.

After-the-Sale Consultation Service

This ‘After-the-Sale’ Consultation service has proven to be quite valuable to our clients that would like a little more training than their selling dealer may have offered.

This package includes:

  • Meet the owner at their slip/lake/marina/closest ramp for additional training aboard their new boat
  • Launching
  • Retrieving
  • Docking
  • Proper planing techniques
  • Systems checks
  • Important maintenance recommendations and instruction
  • Properly storing your new boat
  • Answer questions that may have come up since the purchase
  • Go over safe boating procedures

Total package price 240.00

Pick-up and Drop-off Services

Our Pick-up and Drop-off Services are perfect for those too busy to pick up their boat or drop it off at their dealership or repair facility.

We will arrange to take care of this for you at a rate of 2.00 per mile (based on MapQuest mileage) from the point of pick up to the point of delivery.

Reasonable charges will apply if the boat must be loaded onto a trailer or delivered to boat slip.

Contact Us

To get started, simply fill out the form below, or call Capt. Rob directly at 321.626.3792.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!! 

We hope you enjoy our latest blog post.

What Customers Are Saying: This is amazing!! He’s the beat in the business at pairing people with boats!! Congratulations!!” ~Meredith Saldana Dunn