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There are several versions of this old yarn, but one of my favorites goes like this:

One afternoon, a sailboat crew traveling along the Chesapeake Bay suddenly found themselves grounded on a sandbar. After much physical exertion by the six-man crew, nothing they tried would budge their firmly planted boat. An oyster fisherman happened by and knew immediately what he was witnessing ,so he asked the Captain if he would be willing to accept some assistance. Of course he would, and a deal was struck for the sum of 200.00 to free the well-stuck craft.

The oysterman sent over a line with instructions to the crew to send their end as near the top of the mast as possible and make it fast (or ‘secure,’ for you landlubbers reading this). Once all was firmly attached, the fisherman began to gently pull at the mast of the sailboat, pulling her over on her port side until the keel was free of the sand below. Within a very few minutes, the crew and their boat were once again floating in deep water and ready to resume their journey.

The fisherman then came alongside the sailboat to receive his compensation. The Captain begrudgingly handed over the agreed-upon fee while chastising the fisherman, saying, “That’s a mighty big fee for such a small amount of effort.” To this, the fisherman responded, “Fifty dollars for the doin’. One hundred and fifty for the knowin’.”

The Value of Experience

The point is, that while this yarn may elicit a chuckle from those who hear it or one of its many variations, there truly is a value one has to attach to knowledge gained through experience.

The only way to gain experience in anything is to invest a certain amount of time gaining that experience, and I believe we can all agree that nothing is more valuable than time. 

As the owner and chief cook and bottle washer for Boat Buyers Consulting Services, I can tell you that the time savings alone for the clients who engage our services proves to be one of the biggest benefits they realize.

By meeting clients at the dealership where their boat of interest is being sold, we are able to shortcut much of the time-consuming process that is so often the cause of frustration for our customers. By engaging in a highly consultative process prior to our dealership visit, we can drill down and get to the important features for our clients, making the selection process a breeze once we are in the showroom. We’ll also be armed with current pricing and available rebates before engaging the sales staff, so negotiation times are greatly reduced as well. 

Everything we do for our clients is aimed at saving them as much time as possible without detrimentally shortcutting the process, to ensure the boat they take home is the best fit for them, their families and their budgets.

Calm Winds @ Boat Buyers Consulting Services

So, if saving time, money and frustration are important to you, consider engaging the services of Boat Buyers Consulting Services where ‘calm winds and following seas’ are always on the Captain’s to-do list. Call Capt. Rob at 321.626.3792.