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If you have never come up with a plan or an idea that has your close friends and family cocking their heads and raising their eyebrows at you, then I fear your imagination may be in need of repair. 

Unfortunately, for my friends and family, many of them have permanent cricks in their necks and eyebrows that may never be lowered to their original position.

While I received a great deal of support for this venture that is known as Boat Buyers Consulting Services, there are many in my circle (and many more outside of it) that still aren’t quite sure what I am doing for a living, and why.

So, to answer those questions, this brief educational blog will either be proof that I have indeed stumbled upon a brilliant idea sure to serve mankind for generations to come, or prove that I have crashed my boat into the final dock.

So, in no particular order, the list of questions below will hopefully clarify things.

Saving You From a Trial-and-Error Boat Buying Experience

  1. Why did I start this service?

    After many years as a boat owner and several spent on the retail side of the boating industry, I realized just how little help there was available for boat buyers, especially those who were relatively new to boating. Most everything I have learned over the years came from either well-meaning dockmates that may or may not have known what they were talking about and wanted to see if what they were suggesting would actually work without risking their own boat, salespeople whose main interest was to get their boat on my dock, or the random online thread full of such differing opinions that one was left to wonder if any of them actually owned a boat.

    Of course, my most expensive tuition was paid through a series of near life-ending trial and error scenarios that nearly cost me needed body parts, relationships, my marbles and the entirety of my credit card limits. My hope is that Boat Buyers Consulting Services will provide a place that new and experienced owners can go to get answers to their boating questions from a source that truly has their best interest at heart.

Helping Both Inexperienced and Seasoned Boat Buyers

  1. Who are my potential clients?

    My clients come from a vast and varied background of boat buyers and boat owners. Some are just entering the boat market and are not sure how to even get started beyond just visiting their local dealership or making online queries hoping for the best. These clients are fearful of making the wrong decision whether it comes to boat type or boat brand and aren’t certain about what they can expect to spend, what the costs associated with their new boat will be after the purchase, or even if boating itself is right for them.

    Other clients have already purchased their new boat but are still uncomfortable using the craft. Perhaps they need a little extra help in learning to back the trailer, dock the boat, properly plane out, tow tubes and skiers or any number of other things no one else has taken the time to help them understand better.

    Some of our clients have been boating for years but are changing the style of boat they have grown used to because of lifestyle changes or just a desire to try something new. These folks have questions about the new style of boat and, like the new boater, want some clarification to make sure they are going in the direction that will best suit their needs going forward.

    Of course, we will also cater to those who have found a boat at some distance from their home and need a reliable and unbiased opinion of the boat’s condition without having to invest in a long road trip or an airplane ride just to see a craft–which saves them valuable time and money, not to mention the frustration of finding a boat that may not have been properly represented by the seller. Of course, this by no means is an exhaustive list of our potential clients, but it should give the reader (you) at least a cursory view of what we do.

Offering a Diverse Menu of Boat Consulting Services

  1. How involved will I get in the overall boat buying process?

    I have set up Boat Buyers Consulting Services to offer a wide array of menu items that my clients can customize depending on the level of interaction they feel will work best for their desired result. The Initial Consultation Service is a great way to get started and offers a way to figure out how to move forward at a minimal expense that could save them thousands of dollars before ever looking at their first boat.

    Our involvement ranges from a simple one-on-one phone call to meeting the client at the dealership to help choose their new boat, negotiate the best deal and accompany them on the test drive to ensure all of their questions and concerns are answered.

So, there you have it folks. There is always much more to talk about, but for the purposes of brevity and not losing my readers to the inside of their eyelids, I’ll stop here for now.

If you want to learn more, please visit me, Captain Rob, at my website, Boat Buyers Consulting – Home | Facebook and please don’t hesitate to call me directly for any needs you may have where your next boat purchase is concerned. 

Until then, I wish you fair winds and following seas.